NicHole Krupa

Design Assistant & CAD Specialist

Nichole graduated from Baker College with a degree in Interior Design and an eye for developing intriguing interiors. She is known for her classic,  colorful approach to design that simultaneously invokes an overall sense of welcome and geniality to anyone entering one of her interiors. “I’ve learned so much about the interior design industry in the time I’ve spent with QM Home; About the process, as well as the work that goes into creating beautiful, well thought out spaces. This is why I love design, you truly get to create unique spaces that are special to each client in their own way.”


As a Northern Michigan native, she has lived in the Cross Village area her whole life, aside from the two years she spent at school in Auburn Hills. Slowly but surely Nichole has been working on her own home renovation, with the positive support of her rescue cat Agnes (whom she nursed back to health after finding her alone in a barn.) Nichole lives an active lifestyle, enjoying quality time with her family, taking trips with friends, baking, and so much more. Her warmth and love for life are a blessing to the Quiet Moose team.


In the words of her favorite quote, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”