The Quiet Moose interior design studio and furniture store is a lifestyle concept that creates everything needed to set the scene for a subtle, stylish, and calm way of living. Our quality, value, and service are shaped by our philosophy towards business. Our passion for our products and appreciation of our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We design modern classics and a whole home concept that gives our customers a lifestyle choice for every room in the house. Whether you’re looking for some new pillows or a brand new kitchen, The Quiet Moose offers a range that is contemporary yet traditional, luxurious yet affordable.

We are a small team of interior designers with a passion for good design. From the design right through to the delivery, we make sure every detail and every material reflects our commitment to quality, design, and affordability. Our professional ethos is centered on the belief that treating people with respect fosters an environment in which creativity and passion will flourish. We know that delivering truly beautiful interiors hinges on having a design team who really cares about our clients, their families, and their homes. Hand on heart, we can say that whoever you deal with at The Quiet Moose, your personal experience will surpass every expectation.